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Old Yogi Pension Fund Ends!


Those who lost the most from their devotion to Transcendental Meditation, having never obtained a functional career and are unable to focus in the material world, have three months to generate an income. They will be on their own and must learn to support themselves.

Emails have been flying with the latest TM Movement news that the Settle Fund will cease in 90 days. See recent blog post "Dozing for Dollars" which described a sort  of “Old Yogi Pension Fund” of a subsistence wage, calculated by some to average $3.80 per hour, for those who meditated full time.  

Transcendental Meditation’s spiritually elite Citizen Sidhas and Governors of the Age of Enlightenment who’ve supported themselves in recent years by full participation in the padded domes’ meditation programs are already seeking personal sponsorships from TM’s wealthy to continue their lifestyle.

According to circulating emails, Bevan Morris made this announcement last week in an “Experience Meeting” of the Invincible America (I.A.) Assembly.

Once again, the TM cult organization blames the victims for their loss of livelihood, rather than owning up to the learned helplessness which Maharishi encouraged through his teaching of “Do less accomplish more until you do nothing and accomplish everything”.

One person seeking sponsorships shared Bevan’s claim “... how sad the Settles were after investing 100 million dollars over the last 7 years and not reaching the goal of 2000 yogic flyers in the golden domes.  Howard (Settle) expressed his disappointment in not being able to get the 400 pundits we needed from India; he feels this was a major factor in his lack of success in the last few months.”
(what hooey!)

Per one post on the Fairfield Life yahoo group,  “Yep, Dr. Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace and President of Maharishi University of Management yesterday morning announced to the Invincible America Assembly the end of the Invincible America grant program.”   

Of note, there never was a stable endowment for these sponsorships. Personal grants were supported by depleting an account established by Howard and Alice Settle. As Mike Doughney commented on the “Dozing for Dollars” post :

“ Basically, the foundation that's been offering the grants to dome snoozers was set up by the donation of an exploration company owned by Howard to the foundation, the foundation in turn sold it off / "liquidated" it and invested the proceeds.

That investment isn't enough to pay out the grants they've been handing out indefinitely, so the investment was consumed over just a few years. I.e. if they wanted it to last indefinitely they'd have it pay out a few percent of its value, no more, every year. They didn't do that, instead they paid it out at a very high rate, so it was gone after a few years, presumably. The IRS filings confirm this up through two years ago, eventually the filings for the current year will come out and the exact reasons will be public.

I would also note that this deal with the Settles and their foundation, as far as I can tell, is a bit different from the predecessors like the Kaplans in that the foundation money, though looped through the "Global Country," is, as far as I can tell, fully accounted for as to what its final destination is (this small group of Fairfield residents in the domes under certain rather tight conditions, and perhaps, a small administrative cut of it kept by the "Country"). The Kaplan money seems to have vanished off to India where, I would presume, it went into their school and other enterprises there. Once offshore, and particularly, in India, keeping track of where the money went would, I think, become difficult.”

According to an anonymous email “Bevan explained that the leaders of the movement have been meeting for days to come up with some solutions.”

+++ Addendum +++ May 20, 2013 +++

Commentary upon "Dr." Bevan Morris' email from MUM's development office :

Sent: Mon, May 20, 2013 1:59 PM EDT
Subject: Important change in the Invincible America Assembly

Dear Friend of Maharishi University of Management,

 Bevan explains that :

"The Settle Foundation is facing financial challenges due to difficulties that have arisen in the past five months in the business that underlies the foundation's giving."
Bevan defers to Raja John Hagelin's directives and explains the situation : 
Word of this has reached the Invincible America Assembly grant recipients, so Raja John Hagelin asked me to explain the situation to everyone on the Assembly, which I did on Thursday.

I explained that the Settle grants would be coming to an end over the next months.
He suggests that the grant recipients find gainful employment during their few free hours daily. This reminds me of the 1979 first Word Peace Assembly when Maharishi told everyone to brainstorm on businesses to support themselves in Fairfield - resulting in numerous scammers, multi-level marketing businesses, telemarketing and other fly-by-night scenarios, some of which were shut down for SEC violations.

I said everyone should quickly make plans to be self-sufficient through "cashing in" in the afternoon (i.e., working at a job in the afternoon) as Maharishi described it, or any other approach, including, at least for some, personal funds.
Bevan attempts to explain himself, clarifying rumors that must have circulated after his public announcement. As in the past, no promises are made, but always efforts to provide for those dependent : 
I also said Raja John Hagelin, Raja Wynne and Maureen, Raja Bob Lopinto, Raja Harris  and myself are trying to come up with a plan for new sources of income that will allow the program to continue as much as possible, and we are talking to our Indian leaders about this. Of course, supporting the 600 Vedic Pandits we have here now is extremely important, and if we are successful in raising new funds, bringing the 400 Maharishi Vedic Pandits who are in India waiting to come, to create a much higher level of national coherence.

Innuendo provides a ray of hope for the most consistent participants (and therefore, least capable of holding a job) : 

I emphasized that in the future the grant, when available, would probably be for a smaller number of Yogic Flyers, especially the most active flyers, who do really long flying and make a long-term commitment to the Invincible America Assembly program. Maharishi said this from the beginning and Dr. Doug and Dr. Linda Birx have been working on this throughout. This will reduce the numbers, but we will have a more powerful group.

I pointed out the present situation means that we have been depending on the generosity of Howard and Alice too much. We need to take responsibility afresh to engage all the Sidhas of America in national invincibility.

Ever emphasizing the love and beauty of these generous souls, and how enlightened and feel-good everyone is : 

The response was extremely beautiful. Speaker after speaker sent their infinite love and gratitude to the Settles, saying they understand how they must be feeling, and want them only to feel the depth of their gratitude and love.

Yes, the I.A.A course existed before the grant - formerly known as the Creating Coherence Course - once costing $200 monthly per person to attend. Does anyone know the current cost? Oh, but wait! That's not necessary! You can apply to MUM and use governmental backed loans and other student financial aid to receive academic credit for your time on the sheet-covered padded foam! Maybe even obtain a doctorate in Vedic Studie$$!

The common feeling was that the Invincible America Assembly will continue even without the grant. The Assembly Maharishi created even before there was a grant, and it will continue even now that the grant is not possible for some time. Some also said they would apply to become Maharishi University of Management students so they could use financial aid to continue.

So what's the focus on Mexico? 8,000? hmm.. there should be no more crime in Mexico! (by Maharishi's own calculations, right?) : 

They suggested we fly at the same time as the 8,000 Yogic Flyers in Oaxaca, Mexico, that we adjust lift-off for flying time to accommodate people with jobs in Fairfield, and other positive ideas. They reminded us that Maharishi said, "I am--India and America for a bright future for the world" and we have to fulfill Maharishi's direction, all of us together.

It was a very moving and even blissful occasion. We will continue in the Invincible America Assembly experience session with more thinking from everyone.

A new campaign is also starting for all Sidhas in Fairfield, Maharishi Vedic City, and nationally to participate in the Invincible America Assembly to create a better fortune for the nation.
In closure, it's imperative to thank those who gave $100 million to support the coiffures of Maharishi's family business.
We are all so grateful to Howard and Alice for giving nearly $100 million over the past seven years--it is really just phenomenal and historic--and we know that they will continue to do everything to support national invincibility.

With Best Wishes,

Jai Guru Dev

 (President of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, President of Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation, Prime Minister of the United States Peace Government, President of the Maharishi World Peace Fund, and a founder of the Natural Law Party)
We at TMFree sincerely hope that those who've become dependent upon the Settle grant are able to find and hold gainful employment, and a life beyond cult dependency.

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