Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some walls come tumbling down

Updates and summaries of recent newsworthy events for the TM Organization will come shortly.

We at TMFree apologize for delays in keeping our readers updated with the latest.
We maintain this web site in our non-existent spare time, thus are not able to write daily.

Less than 3 weeks ago, we could not keep up with exposing the manipulations funded by David Lynch Foundation's million$, as their promotional machine steam rolled media outlets.

Now we cannot keep up with summarizing the damning publicity coming out against the TMO.

Thanks to the dogged efforts by others who joined the fray,  David Lynch Foundation pulled out of San Francisco Schools last week.

DLF's withdrawal from San Francisco schools coincided with Iowa new articles about a rebellion from the confined so-called pandits.

Infinite appreciation to the many who contributed efforts through armchair activism online!

And thank you for understanding TMFree's delay in posting updates.

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