Thursday, June 15, 2017

Historical Query about TM and Handling Distress

I have some questions which I am hoping some of my fellow old-timers can help supplement my memory about TM teaching practices in the old days of the 1970’s.  

Beyond what is in the checking notes, did TM teachers receive any training or instruction about handling situations where meditators were experiencing significant physical or psychological problems?  Was there ever a situation in which the guidance was to stop meditating and seek professional medical or therapeutic help?   I can’t recall that there was.

The gist of the general points in the checking notes is to deal with overpowering sensations and thoughts by stopping the mantra and “feeling the body” until it ceases to be overwhelming and then starting the mantra.

Also, I have a dim recollection that some time after I left in 1976 the movement started to screen applicants for teacher training and/or the Sidhis program to preclude participation if a person had been in therapy.  Can anyone fill this in more precisely?

By way of explanation, one of the “features” of TM was/is its hostility to any other modality of work on the self.  I’m trying to document some aspects of it that are personally relevant to me.  Thanks for any/all contributions.

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