Friday, November 28, 2008

Old friends lost in Mumbai terrorist attack

We at TM Free do not endorse the groups nor teachings below.
However, we pass this message for those with personal connections still within the TM Movement, or other ex-TM cult hoppers. Others must fondly remember the lovely Taj Mahal Hotel. Our hearts are wrenched :

Alan Scherr and his daughter, Naomi, died in the terrorist attack in Mumbai.
Alan and Naomi were on a spiritual pilgrimage.

Alan was a 25 year TM meditator, and TM teacher before changing to follow Master Charles and his Synchronicity Movement, a disciple of Baba Muktananda.

For those with connections to the Scherrs, Charles Cannon's Synchronicity Movement provides a memorial message about Alan and Naomi.

Scherrs are mentioned in the Associated Press release, US Jewish, meditation groups' members die in India, ABC news Synchronicity Members are victims in Mumbai and the Washington Post Former Art Professor, 13-Year-Old Daughter Killed in Attacks.

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